Amazon Alexa: AI-Enabled Smart Virtual Assistant -

Amazon Alexa: AI-Enabled Smart Virtual Assistant

Amazon Alexa: AI enabled Smart Virtual Assistant

Alexa first used for Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speakers. The later was devised by the Amazon Lab 126. It serves as a voice-controlled, smart and intelligent device that is a valuable contribution of Amazon as far as home electronics is concerned.

Amazon Alexa: AI enabled Smart Virtual Assistant
Amazon Alexa: AI-enabled Smart Virtual Assistant

How Does Amazon Alexa Function?

The smartness of Alexa is internet-based. Cloud computing services provided by Amazon. The powerful utility of an Echo lies in the performance of different tasks commanded. The intelligent part of the brain of this device is Alexa. The Echo devices have effective voice recognizers.

Subscription Cost For Availing Alexa

There aren’t any charges for using the echo. But it is different in case you are an Amazon Prime member. By prime membership with a nominal fee, you can stream any music. Also, a free app can enable you to play music on pc, laptop, and smartphones. For one month you can access prime membership absolutely free. In case you don’t want to subscribe, you can listen to only the iHeart radio stations available with Amazon.

Using Amazon Alexa

Furthermore, after finishing registration of Alexa on the Amazon account, you can enjoy multiple facilities. You can access the Amazon Music Library. You can command Alexa to play the music you desire. Even more, after changing settings you can access television or videos available for display at that time.

Amazon Alexa Compared To Google

Google is much more efficient in serving web-based queries. Google is much more comprehensive. Alexa has a limitation to its source of information as Wikipedia forms the source. Also, Alexa is sensitive to the wordings used; they are more reactive to particular phrases. Google is more resourceful in comparison with Alexa.

Variants Between Echo And Alexa

Besides the size and cost, the significant difference between the two is sound quality. While echo creates a multi-room sound effect, Alexa enables echo dot to be more apparent. Hence, getting familiar with Alexa, the Echo dot is the most preferred. 

Steps To Set Up Amazon Alexa

  1. You need to download the Alexa app.
  2. You need to turn on the Echo device.
  3. The app uses Wifi to connect the device
  4. You can start conversating with Alexa
  5. You can start using the echo
  6. For enhancement of sound effects, linking to external speakers is necessary.
Amazon Alexa: AI enabled Smart Virtual Assistant
Amazon Alexa: AI-enabled Smart Virtual Assistant

Amazon Alexa, How It Is Beneficial Over Google Home

Google home is applicable for responding to multiple commands, while Echo dot/Alexa fails in that respect. However, Alexa has proved beneficial attributes as well. The list of benefits from the use of Alexa is:

  • Supports Amazon Music, Prime Music as well as Apple Music
  • Create customized skills like greeting messages, games, Questions and answers, etc.
  • Gaurd home
  • Gaurd car
  • Setting up location triggers to flashlight at dark spots to enable walkthrough.

Bottom Line

Amazon Alexa is a useful home electronic device. It performs smart activities that can help you in many ways. It is not that efficient as Google but can provide a lot of other applications. Similarly, sound effects, various security aspects, custom skill enhancement is possible using Amazon’s Alexa. Certainly, Amazon Lab 126 has a vital contribution to the fruitful invention of this device.

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