Finding The Best Laptops For Gaming

best laptops for gaming

They have the best performance and are very reliable as well. But how do you find out which laptop performs the best?

One thing to consider when looking for a gaming laptop is the processor speed. There are laptops that have high-end graphics and audio processing cards but low processor speeds to match. For those who play high-end games on a regular basis, this would be a bad thing. When choosing a high-end graphics card and processor, make sure you get one with a long warranty.

Alienware 15

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Alienware 15 is one of two processors from Alienware that is available in this size. The other processor available in this size is the AMD FirePro WDDM3. This is an excellent combination of processors and a powerful laptop. You can expect an excellent performance for your money. It comes equipped with a standard sized keyboard but there are ones available that come with full-sized keyboards. It also has an excellent graphics card and is very slim.

Both the Alienware 15 and the Aspire 15 are very lightweight. These two laptops are among the lightest gaming laptops that you’ll find. And the Alienware 15 is also one of the most powerful gaming laptops you can find.

The Alienware Notebook

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The Alienware notebook has an aluminum case with a magnesium-alloy frame. It has an upgraded graphics card as well as an Intel i7 processor. You’ll also get two gigabytes of ram and a terabyte of storage. All the ports and slots are standard on this laptop, which include two USB 2.0, one gigabit port, and a headphone jack.

Both these laptops are powered by the same graphics card. The Alienware 15 is powered by an Nvidia Tegra processor. The Aspire is powered by the AMD FirePro WDDM 3 mobile processor. Both of these notebooks come with a hard drive that is made from solid state storage. They are both excellent for gaming and multimedia purposes.

A Powerful Sound Card

Both of these notebooks have a powerful sound card. You can expect an excellent performance for your money with a sound card. The graphics card is optional but it will make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. The best gaming laptop in my opinion is the Alienware 15 when compared to the Aspire series.

When comparing the Alienware laptop to the Aspire series you will find that the Alienware is cheaper. It has a larger hard drive as well as a better processor. For some this might be enough but if you need to play games or watch a lot of media then you might consider getting an upgrade to the gaming laptop. The other thing that the Aspire laptop has over the Alienware laptop is that it has a better graphics card. Both of these notebooks offer excellent performance so if you need an inexpensive laptop with good performance, then you should definitely consider either of these laptops.

Plenty Of Storage Space

Both of these notebooks offer you plenty of storage space. With the Alienware laptop you have a single ssd card and one text card, but with the Alienware 17 you get two and cards and one text card. The HD storage is just like on the Alienware notebook however you have a chance to save your system data on a secondary partition. This means that your data is safe even if the primary partition becomes full. If you decide to get an upgrade to the Alienware 17 then you should consider getting a faster processor such as an Intel Core 2 Duo.

When you compare the Alienware notebook to the Aspire gaming laptop, you will find that they have almost the same specifications. If you want an easy to use laptop for gaming then the Alienware does not have any major disadvantages compared to the Aspire series. However, if you are looking for an all purpose laptop that can then you should consider upgrading to the Aspire series. They have higher screen resolutions, more memory, better battery life and other features that make them excellent laptops for gaming. The other option is to get a gaming laptop with integrated graphics.

Asus Superbrain Notebooks

When you compare the Alienware notebook to the Asus Superbrain notebooks, most people will focus on the graphical processing unit (CPU) but ignore the other specification parts such as the video card and the sound card. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a gaming laptop then you need to get the best system components.

For instance, if you are going to buy the Alienware notebook because it is fast then you might be interested in getting an upgraded processor and video card. However, if you are only concerned about gaming performance then you will want to focus on finding laptops with high resolutions, larger hard drives and strong processors. The main differences between these two notebooks are found in their graphics card specification which has a significant impact on the quality of your gaming experience.

Final Words

There are a number of different manufacturers that make high performing gaming notebooks so the competition helps to keep prices low. There are many different models of Asus and Acer laptops including the newly released msi gt75. Each of these notebooks has a couple of unique features such as the backlit keyboard, but they all use the standard components such as a processor core, fast RAM, fast hard drives and solid-state hard disks. If you are serious about getting the best laptop for gaming then it is important that you do some research online so that you can find the model and price that best suits your needs.

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