Make Rich, Creamy Froth in Seconds! Give a Professional Finishing Touch to Your Latte at Your Home! -

Make Rich, Creamy Froth in Seconds! Give a Professional Finishing Touch to Your Latte at Your Home!

The handheld coffee frother is equipped with three whisks made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel that is dishwasher safe. One is particularly well suited for beverages such as coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks, ensuring that your beverage has a professional finishing Press. The other is particularly well suited for whisking eggs; it is a valuable addition to any culinary arsenal. In addition, it is simple to use and clean. 

There is also a stainless steel hook, which is particularly well suited for dough, mixing soft dough at the fastest possible speed, and combining cake flour. The milk froth machine is small and lightweight, with an ergonomic design that is kind on the Press’s hands. You can present a milk coffee frother as a gift to your friends and family members because it is convenient and practical. 

Allow them to take pleasure in the novelty and convenience of creating their chocolate or cappuccino at home. Remove the whisk from the container and rinse under running water. The charging base is compact and convenient to store: In addition to the milk coffee blender, we have included a charging base that is convenient to store and can be placed on a table. The little milk frother allows you to prepare delightful foaming creamer in the comfort of your own home.


·         Brand Name: YAJIAO

·         Capacity (l): other

·         Blending Arm Material: STAINLESS STEEL

·         Function: Dough Kneading

·         Features: Turbo Mode

·         Model Number: EM-12

·         Controls Type: Push Button

·         Housing Material: Plastic

·         Certification: ROHS

·         Rotation Rate(RPM): 13000

·         Chopper Material: STAINLESS STEEL

·         Style: Handheld

·         Number of Speed Settings: 3

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●        Switch using a single button: Stainless Steel Electric Handheld Mixer and Frother with USB Charging Station Because the company places a high value on consumer experience, a one-click switch was implemented when building The Drink Mixer.

●        Design of the battery enclosure: The battery box was used to design the Stainless Electric Handheld Mixer and Frother with USB Dock.

●        The screw construction is made of metal: Because of the screw arrangement on the Stainless Electric Handheld Mixer and Frother with USB Dock, the battery installation was more convenient and durable.

Graphical user interface


·         The disadvantages of this product are that you must push the buttons repeatedly till you reach the shutdown screen.


You might wonder who would have the foresight to design a frother where the spinner never comes off and so cannot be washed in the dishwasher; well, your request has been granted. These gentlemen! After a few uses, you’ll wish you could throw the spinner in the dishwasher, but that’s not an option. Because the item is not submersible in water, it is also difficult to clean by hand. It also lacks the variable speed or even dual-speed features common to all other China-made knockoffs of popular models. Furthermore, there is no cover provided for the spinner, meaning it cannot be transported while traveling with the spinner.

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