Smart Home Connected Devices Enhance Security and Reliability

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If you are building a home and connecting various devices, such as security cameras, remotely, the home you are building is considered a smart home. With smart home devices, you can access wireless internet from any room in the house. You won’t have to worry about dead spots or poor signal quality. Most smart home devices connect wirelessly, so all your key sticking points are connectivity and coverage. As long as you also have smart home connected devices or wireless extenders that create a mesh network, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of smart home automation.

An Overview

Smart Home

For many years, people have complained about slow Internet at home, especially if you have smart phones. Luckily, many smart home connected devices can make your Internet faster and better. For instance, DECT wireless broadband Internet devices that attach to the exterior cabling of your home work well to provide a fast Internet. In addition, many devices, such as DECT wireless network cameras work well in this manner.

Another one of the key features of smart home technologies is voice activation. There are several devices in the marketplace that allow voice activation. You can activate the system from the main living room or bedroom, from a PDA, cell phone, or even your laptop. Just like your security system, voice activation can minimize intruder alerts.

Of course, not every smart home technology works in all these different scenarios. But, as more wireless companies develop products to support smart devices, there are numerous new options available. For example, some manufacturers offer complete smart home integration solutions.

Most Popular Device 

Smart Home

One popular device for the home security devices family is ADT’s home surveillance cameras. ADT’s Total Surveillance Camera series includes high resolution, weatherproof, tamper proof indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras with full video surveillance. The company offers indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras in a variety of sizes, including those that fit in the palm of your hand. Plus, the cameras can be used without a hard-wired connection, making them easy to install. These devices use ADT’s groundbreaking VoIP technology to allow you remote monitoring, with password protection and remote control functions.

If you’re looking for a device for the entire house, then you might want to consider Smart Genie Home Monitoring. This comprehensive system provides complete control of your home automation technology, from thermostat controls to door and window alarms. With the total home monitoring package you’ll get an easy to use interface with a high-value motion detection system, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These advanced devices are designed to be both safe and convenient. There’s even a free monthly alert service for homeowners who want to stay up to date on their home security activities. You’ll find that these service calls are well received, with nearly everyone calling in to report issues with their homes.

Amazing Features 

Security systems aren’t the only devices available that offer smart features, with many new products offering real-time monitoring. One example is the iControl HD Digital Camera, which provides live access into your home from virtually anywhere. Its technologically advanced, data-stream technology allows you to view your camera from practically any location, and even receive video feed through your smartphone. With the iControl HD Digital Camera you get access to five customizable home automation devices, including; the iControl Web Cams, iControl DVRs, iControl TV Tuners, and iControl Spy Cameras. With iControl’s comprehensive camera control interface you’ll have complete control over your security system, monitoring, and even deterring burglars from breaking in.


For additional information about smart home technologies and integrated security systems, talk with a professional representative from your local security system or wireless provider. They will be able to give you more detailed information about products on the market today, and answer any questions you may have. While new technology may seem like a complicated concept, with several devices to master and maintain, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, smart home technology makes great sense for everyone. Home automation devices allow homeowners to reduce their dependence on utilities, providing them with more time for themselves and their families, while also freeing them up from costly monthly bills.

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