Smart Home Devices By Google And Nest

google and nest smart home devices

In this age of technology, you can do anything with it. There is no limitation to working in this technological era. These technologies can even understand how you think and what sort of things you like to do. When it comes to advancement in-home technology Google & Nest have excelled in another way. They have these intelligent home devices which can change the way you live in a home. These smart devices can remove all the human operations, and they can do whatever you want them to do. These technologies can do things like controlling your fan speed, switching off and on your home lights, etc. with the advancement in this, Google and Nest have launched their new range of smart home devices like:

Nest Audio

It is a home speaker assistant device used to perform several related functions in the home. If you want to listen to songs, you need to activate this device with your voice command and say the song name, and this device will search it on YouTube and play it for you. It can do other things like turning off the lights and also turning them on. It can dial any number from your mobile phone and can make any phone call. 

Google Nest Hub

An open laptop computer sitting on top of a table

It is a small gadget that can ease up your life to a whole new level because you can perform several house functions by just touching the screen. Moreover, you can also perform internet-based activities like surfing, booking an appointment, or looking for a table in a restaurant. This device is google intelligent assistant enabled, and it can perform all the functions of that smart assistant by speaking any command. The Hub, which is launched at a newly reduced price of $90, down from $130, is an intelligent display combined with the functionality of a voice-controlled smart speaker, which is like the original Google Home. With the help of a touchscreen, you can watch pictures and videos, surf the internet, and much more.


A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

This device can cast anything from your phone to a smart tv by just attaching a cable cord from your phone. In this new Chromecast, you can throw anything from your device wirelessly to any Google intelligent home device. There is no need to attach your smart home device with a wire to your phone. All you need to connect the wifi router of the Chromecast with your device, and you are ready to go.


In the end, these home devices can ease up your life in a way you can’t even imagine because these are made only to reduce the human effort of arranging everything for which he desires. Now there is no need to do everything with your hands. Buy these devices and enjoy how technology can change the way you live your life. So it is up to you as to which device you wish to include in your life. All of these are going to change your lives and become highly handy for you. 

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