Smart Home: Items That Can Be Part Of Daily Life

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Do you imagine controlling each room or appliances in your house from your cellular no matter where you are? Discover here how to make a smart home.

The support that technology has provided in the development of daily work or personal activities has made it a substantial part of our lives. We are in an era where it is unimaginable to perform specific tasks without the help of this. At the same time, new technologies are being developed that further simplify work in certain areas, for example, the home.

Smart Home: Items That Can Be Part Of Daily Life
Smart Home: Items That Can Be Part Of Daily Life

What Is A Smart Home?

Since ancient times the home is indeed one of the places where the presence of technology has the most influence, to facilitate the task, provide entertainment, or improve security. However, over the years, it has sought to go a step further, in the management of the home.

That is why systems have been designed that allow us to have absolute control of electrical appliances and services (light, water, or security) through a device, thus making the house an intelligent place.

Smart houses employ a technology that was called “home automation” and is currently known as the “Internet of things” concept, with which digital appliances, devices, and lighting, security, or heating systems are interconnected to be managed. That way, your home is automated no matter where you are, reducing worries about forgetting to turn something off.

How To Make Smart Home

Today, smart homes are available to everyone. Several technology brands have launched packages that allow you to turn your home into a smart one, managing it from your cell phone.

For example, the Apple company has a product called “Home Kit” that includes a camera, lighting panels, spotlight adapters, smart plugs, indoor and outdoor motion sensors. Entering the Apple website, you can assemble your package with the devices you consider necessary. Each product sold individually, but a HomeKit with the above features has an average cost of $17,000.

Likewise, the Chinese technology brand Xiaomi has sensors, smart lamps, spotlights, routers, water purifiers, toiletries, vacuum cleaners, locks, and regulating plugs that you can control from your cell phone. Most of these devices are priced at less than $ 700, and assembling a package with the essentials has an average cost of $10,000.

Items You Must Have In Your Smart Home

In the smart home market, several brands compete to give you the best experience, among the most popular, are Apple, Android, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, Phillips, and Broadlink. Regardless of the one you choose, these are the devices that you should take into account if you want to turn your house into a smart one.

Security System.

To assemble a functional safety system, you must include internal and external wireless sensors that detect movement at a certain weight, a camera with 360 view, digital lock, and monitors that assess air quality in case of fire.

Smart Home: Items That Can Be Part Of Daily Life
Smart Home: Items That Can Be Part Of Daily Life

Electric System.

Consider that, in addition to the light, you must also control the connected devices. So in addition to spotlights or adapters, it includes smart plugs that regulate the electric current and save energy.

Central Axis.

Many devices help you manage all the appliances and systems in your home, and that can be automated to a routine. You can also choose a home assistant who, apart from fulfilling this function, has artificial intelligence that provides recommendations or organizes the daily schedule.

When buying an appliance, verify that it is from the Smart Home line, that is to say, that it gives you the possibility of connecting to a home network and controlling it remotely. There are brands with specialized stores in Mexico City, such as Bticino, that has packages to customize homes, at any branch you can request more information to do the installation.

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