Smart House – Essential Features for a Smart Home

smart house

A Smart House is designed with technology in mind. A Smart House will often go by other industry names, the most common among them being Smart House or Smart Connected House. Despite which character you decide to use, they all essentially refer to the same concept: intelligent technology installing new, innovative ways to interact and control your electronic devices at home in an easy, safe manner. For example, to turn on a light from your kitchen, you can press a button; if you want to adjust the temperature of your bedroom from the kitchen, you can say “hot” instead of using the more conventional “medium.” Of course, there are other innovative and fun ways that your gadgets and devices can interact and work with your home, but this is a quick guide to Smart House.

Home Automation Is Not New

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But it has been getting much attention in recent years as consumer demands for cutting-edge devices that perform everyday tasks have increased dramatically. Home automation systems, including Smart House technologies, are making it easier than ever to keep track of your appliances, lights, thermostats, security, and other electronic devices, as well as control any aspect of home entertainment and safety. Smart House is also used to refer to the way these systems connect and work together, which is generally done through wireless network protocols and software applications.

How Do These Devices Integrate?

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The automation and integration of these devices and systems are done by using sensors to collect data and send it over a network of communication lines or via physical or logical connections to your computer or other devices. The information sent over these communication lines is what makes smart homes and automation systems work.

Educate And Enhance Life

Smart House is not just about technology and communications, though. Many new ways of living are being discovered every day, and with these advanced devices, homeowners are finding new ways of doing things. You might also be surprised to learn that many Smart House devices also help educate and enhance the way people live. For example, with the development of intelligent house devices such as intelligent temperature monitors and digital light switches, you can make your home safer by having precise temperature control and lighting adjustments, as well as automated light switches that turn the lights on in some regions of the house when they are not desired.

The Integration Of Video Surveillance Equipment

Another example of advanced technology in an intelligent house is the integration of video surveillance equipment. Krieger says homes should have cameras both indoors and out. He believes this is true because if a burglar knows he is being watched, he is less likely to try to break into your home or apartment. Video cameras are also helpful in deterring criminals from trying to break into your home in the first place, he adds. As the Internet becomes more widely available throughout most neighborhoods, having an alarm system with motion detectors is also advisable, especially if your family has a pet or children at home who can be easily triggered into action should they be disturbed by someone trying to break into the house.

Suggestions From Krieger

Other suggestions from Krieger are not commonly thought of as features of an intelligent house, but which are very convenient to live with and which he believes can be made part of a smart home. He mentions air conditioning, electronic window locks, and remote-control lighting. He says these devices have become standard features of apartments, condos, and townhouses, but they are usually used only for security measures.

What Does Krieger Suggest?

Krieger says that he wants his guests and residents to enjoy living in a house with these intelligent features, but he does not want them to have to use them because he fears that some residents may be too careless and that something could happen to them while they are away from their rooms. As the owner of an intelligent house, he advises that you install air conditioning and window locks if you don’t already have them, in addition to a few other such “smart house” devices.

Access Control

Krieger says another item that should be part of an intelligent house is access control: Devices that allow you or your guests to enter a particular area without knocking on the doors or making noise are suitable. He mentions air-conditioning sensors, motion detectors, and wireless doorbells as examples of such devices. He also recommends putting up alarm systems in places such as attics, kitchens, and stairways so that they will sound off when someone enters a given area.

Importance Of Integrating Home Automation Systems

Finally, Krieger stresses the importance of integrating home automation systems (such as RCS) and intelligent home automation systems (SAABS). He says that incorporating both technologies is not enough for a home to be considered an intelligent house: The integration must be thorough and reliable. For an RCS system to work well, it must link up an appropriate sensor or switches with a proper control device. Similarly, a SAABS system should link up the various appliances and gadgets that make up the home automation system. Krieger emphasizes the importance of integrating such systems into a comprehensive approach that takes care of all aspects of a house.

Final Lines

He concludes his article by recommending several intelligent house features. For instance, he says that the use of intelligent house appliances such as SaaS applications and IBSS-based devices will enable you to manage your house from a remote location, as long as you have Internet access. You can also choose from the many different innovative home automation devices brands and enjoy convenience, such as controlling several lights and appliances from a single location. Furthermore, you can even automate certain home features, such as heating and lighting, using the same applications.

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